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I am a 25 year old stay at home mom to Abel (1/10) and Micah (2/12) and to baby #3 (5/13).  My best friend and high school sweetheart husband Reed (since 1/07) works several jobs outside the home, and is an extremely involved and caring leader to all those inside his home.

I am originally from Price George’s County, MD but now live in Lynchburg, VA. After graduating from high school,  I followed Reed down to Liberty University and we were married a year later. A few months after receiving our BS degrees, our first son was born and I quit babysitting outside of the home to care for him.  Since then, I have watched children both full time and part time  at our house while caring for my boys.  We are very actively involved with our church, particularly in the children’s ministries, women’s ministries, and small groups.  Our church family is an enormous blessing to us, and is the reason we have chosen to stay in Lynchburg until the Lord leads us elsewhere.

We lead a slightly crunchy lifestyle, because Reed and I believe it’s important to become informed and then make intentional choices, and not just to go with the mainstream by default.  So as you see more of our life through the blog you’ll probably discover that we happily cloth diaper, exclusively breastfeed, practice baby-led weaning (both from breastmilk and onto food), primarily eat real food and try not to purchase processed ingredients, babywear, limit TV, and intend to homeschool, among many other lifestyle choices.  We don’t believe everyone will come to the same choices, but we’re happy to be discovering what works for us.

As a family, by God’s grace, we’re trying our best to glorify Him in all that we do. Though we are not always willing, God is patiently shaping and molding us into the parents and husband/wife He wants us to be. I hope you enjoy following along on our journey to becoming more like Christ.


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