A Star Wars Big Boy Room

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August 5, 2013 by malaikakerr

Reed and I recently switched our bedrooms around a bit so that the boys could all share a room. Instead of a guestroom, we now have a Star Wars room!


Titus is still in with us, but the transition to having Abel and Micah share a room went much more smoothly than we were expecting.  I’m very thankful! Sometime before he turns two, Micah will move to the bottom bunk so Titus can take over the crib.


I think Daddy appreciates that lightsaber poster even more than the boys do!

When I started setting the room up, Abel immediately ran to get his Darth Vader slippers.  They’re a nice touch.  🙂


I’m thankful I discovered blackout curtains before I sewed up these super simple Star Wars curtains. They have the blackout material hanging right behind the printed side.


 I’m still searching for something to hang above the crib. My options are limited because the current crib occupant would knock it right down, I’m sure.


In addition to the stuffed Darth Vader relaxing in the chair, my other favorite thing in the room is this light saber nightlight! Micah’s particularly fond of it. (By fond, I mean that he runs into the room multiple times a day, screaming for us to turn it on.)


The boys love their new room! It’s perfect for catching a few ZZzzz


Our other newly redone room is also great for sleeping. Here’s a peek of Abel spending the night in his tent in our camping playroom:


Pictures of the playroom to follow sometime soon. It’s well loved, so I need to take those pictures when the boys are asleep if you want to be able to see the floor!


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