Black Thumb, Green Jar

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July 22, 2013 by malaikakerr

I have a brown thumb. Black, really.  I have tried and tried to maintain plant life in our home, to no avail. When Reed and I were first married, I killed a cactus. 

A cactus.

But with our ever growing love of organic and local foods, I feel the pressure to grow my own produce aisle. Even with the generous help of some church folks, that’s been a complete failure. Honestly? I don’t enjoy the work of gardening, at all. And with this crazy busy season I’m currently in I’ve got to prioritize, you know? And gardening is at the very bottom of my very long list.

So when I started reading about growing your own sprouts in a jar, that seemed more my speed.  Local and fresh! Simple enough for Abel to do most of the work! I was skeptical, but wanted to get sprouting.

After just about 3 days, and with Abel helping me, we had more sprouts than we could ever eat. Success!

Even more wonderful was that both of the boys LOVE our alfalfa sprouts.  Once he got a taste, Micah interrupted his playing over and over to come in and scream for more. He made it very clear to us what he was shouting for:


Yum! He devoured mouthful after mouthful, going back for all the bits he dropped on the floor.


Abel adored them, too! I kept the bowl of them on the counter for the evening, and would just walk by and help himself.




Take that, gardening!


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