Micah Learns to Fly

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July 10, 2013 by malaikakerr

Yesterday was a very normal day at home, we did nothing special or out of the ordinary. So when it was just about time for me to be making dinner, I decided to make a huge bed on the livingroom floor with all of our blankets and pillows instead. The boys enjoyed dragging everything soft thing they could find onto the floor, where I’d shoved the coffee table aside to make room.

No denying we are a family of snugglers. First with baby Micah, and now with Titus, Abel is drawn to a newborn within reach like a moth to the flame. If I set Titus down for a second, biggest brother is cooing, cuddling, and kissing him until I come to baby’s rescue. Micah is no different, though his love is a little rougher and less snuggily.

As soon as the last pillow was lovingly tucked into place, Abel and I dubbed our masterpiece “The Snuggle Bed.” All I had to do was put the baby down to capture the sweet little bond between my boys.



I love it when Micah shares his beloved lovies with Titus.

Then Daddy came home, and the fun continued!Image

But when Daddy’s home, things don’t stay calm for long. Even on a Snuggle Bed.


Burying Daddy. I didn’t capture them jumping on him!

Reed and I left the room for a few minutes, and came back to Abel leaping off of the couch into a pillow pile.

(Edited to add: After reading this, Reed reminded me that while we were in the other room, we heard Abel saying, “Come on, Little Buddy, I’ll catch you. Jump. Go Micah! I’ll catch you! Go!” That’s when we decided to go back into the living room!



Reed and I, feeling bad for our little middle child who was missing out on the fun, decided to encourage Micah to learn this crucial childhood skill.

First, Abel helped to shove him onto the couch:


He was a bit hesitant at first, so he did this fancy little step-jump-fall move.



He was pretty proud of himself! But after watching Abel demonstrate jumping a few(hundred) times more, Micah nailed it.


So instead of making dinner, we turned a typical day into a flying lesson.

Childhood memories?


The downside to all of this, of course, was the next morning. This morning, in fact.

I heard a loud thud come from the living room, followed by a loud cry. I rushed in to find poor Micah, spread eagle on the floor, without so much as a blanket to soften the blow.

Lesson learned the hard way?



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