Tips for my Mom


April 16, 2013 by malaikakerr

When I go to the hospital to have Titus, my mom has graciously agreed to watch my boys. While I have no doubts concerning my mom’s mothering ability, (she raised me and I’m pretty cool!) I still fight off urges to control my children from the hospital.

So mom, here are some tidbits of info I thought may be helpful while I am otherwise occupied.

1. When Abel desperately tells you he can’t poop, no need to worry. He just wants a prune because he loves them, not because of any specific malady he’s experiencing.

2. Micah is fully capable of climbing up onto the futon. He is also very proficient at falling off and landing on his head.

3. The real tool box filled with real tools in Abel’s room is indeed Abel’s.  Temporary lapse of parenting judgement? Perhaps.

4.  If Abel falls asleep during his daily quiet time, don’t let him sleep past 4pm or you will regret it at 11pm.

5. Micah will eat anything  I don’t want to go into detail concerning the things I have washed out of his mouth, but I’ll sleep better if you know that’s something you need to keep an eye out for. His current favorite is tea. As in the tea bags I keep under the counter.

6. Abel is not quite the expert that his confidence implies when it comes to checking to see if Micah has a dirty diaper.  You may need to wash his hands after.

7. I know you know, but Micah is super allergic to dairy. We’ve done well with keeping all dairy from him, but Micah’s a sneaky one. He can pop open Abel’s milk sippy cup and take a drink faster than you can run across the room to snatch it from him.  Then he will throw up for a few days.

8. Abel, as you also know, is allergic to nearly everything else. Tomatoes, honey, cinnamon, cocoa, bananas, pineapple, strawberries, red & green pepper, cucumbers, any artificial food colorings, raisins, vinegar, grapes, peanuts, almonds, and tea, to name the big ones. This is a recent discovery, and I bid you luck to successfully feed him foods not found on this list.

9. I’m really sorry, but we just bought these guys:



Meet Frogger and Little Brother. They’ll need to be fed freeze-dried shrimp.  But as far as I know, they at least don’t have any allergies.


2 thoughts on “Tips for my Mom

  1. mom says:

    ok…. so abel can’t have prunes because he is allergic to them and his bed time is 11 pm. micah sleeps on the futon and shares abel’s sippy with the milk. i need to be careful in feeding the frogs because of their many allergies. i got this…. 🙂

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