Feeling Pinterest-y: Front Door Wreath and House Address

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April 9, 2013 by malaikakerr

Each pregnancy so far, the nesting instinct has surprised me with how ferociously it steamrolls over my life.  The rounder my belly becomes, the more convinced I am that nesting has already shown up. I work on little projects here and there, though not with too much energy or excitement.

Then out of nowhere–BAM– it really hits. With the exception of migraine days, I knock out project after project. Organizing, crafting, cleaning, sorting. I’ve recently organized the pantry, kitchen cabinets, the boy’s clothes, washed Titus’ clothes and diapers, bought and organized a dresser for Titus, cleaned out the guest closet, the boy’s closet, and the linen closet. Abel and I also planted a few things in the front gardens, though after that freak snow I think we’re going to lose a few of the new plants.  I wish I could bottle this energy, because I really do accomplish more in the final weeks of my pregnancy than I do the rest of my pregnancy and the first months after. I am thankful, because after feeling terrible for so long, I have a lot to catch up on! Now, if only the laundry would stay done.

Also in the past few weeks my brother and his girlfriend came for a visit, and then my mom and friends came down for my baby shower.  So in addition to the nesting, I’ve been visiting and having fun. It’s been a nonstop few weeks around here!

One of the projects I recently finished was a wreath for my front door. I did see this idea on Pinterest, and you can buy wreaths like this ready-made on Etsy for about $30-$50. I think they’re pretty popular right now, though I hadn’t seen one in person until I made my own.


This is just a wreath form from the decor section at Walmart, wrapped in Walmart yarn. I hot glued a some cute buttons and there you go! Reed bought me a heavy duty hot glue gun about a year ago to replace the tiny one I had.  I really love the new gun even though I may have permanently altered a few of my fingerprints with it.


After fixing up the front gardens a tad, finishing the wreath, and hanging some flowers by the front door, I wanted to find a fun way to display our house number.  I bought the numbers first, and took a walk around the house looking for something to stick them on. This is what I came up with:


I love it!

Before I go, I’ll leave you with a few random pictures from the past two weeks.

Keeping it real, here. Unfortunately, this is our best Easter shot of the boys:


Here is our family Easter basket:


Clee and Melissa were here for Easter, so there was a bit of candy for them alongside our hippie candy. There are a few books for Reed and I, along with a CD for Reed and The Hobbit movie that are hiding under all the goods for the boys.

Until next time!


Very typical scene in our house- the aftermath of a battle.


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