Suspicious Silence


March 21, 2013 by malaikakerr


Micah is a funny kid. He makes very little effort to talk, and exerts even less effort trying to walk.

But he knows what he wants, and makes it know to us!

In the past week or two, Reed or I have found him:

  • drinking bubbles
  • eating Abel’s pencils/trains/sunglasses/whatever he can find
  • eating the cereal he took out of the cabinet
  • emptying (and gnawing on) the contents of the living room bookshelf
  • trying to get into Abel’s potty while it was in use (Abel wasn’t too happy about this!)
  • climbing the futon
  • emptying all the pot and pan lids from their drawer
  • eating through a box of granola bars (The box. Not the bars.)
  • etc.

He is a much busier child than Abel was at this age, for sure! So when he slips out of my sight for a few moments, I never know what mess I’ll find that allowed him a few minutes of fun, and me a few moments of silence.

But the sweetest and most regular mess he makes is this one…


…when he makes a beeline for the dirty clothes hamper in Abel’s room to see how many lovies he can find.  He will go through the box, one article of clothing at a time, until he finds one!


Sorry this picture is such terrible quality, but look at that face! He was so proud of himself.  I love having a lovie loving, thumb sucking baby!



One thought on “Suspicious Silence

  1. Dad says:

    Of course I was wondering what a “Lovie” is. Then I saw the “I found one” picture, and no longer wonder. If it’s OK with you both (Reed and Toni), I also add that I love that you love, having a lovie loving thumb sucking beautiful baby boy !

    Hurtin inside from all the Joy that your family stirs up in my heart,

    ps: Sorry, sometimes cant help but be a little corny with all the gushy talk. It’s all of you and yours fault . 🙂

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