Feeling Pinterest-y: Neckties

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March 8, 2013 by malaikakerr

According to Pinterest, I found this cute and fun pin 20 weeks ago:


With a wedding this weekend and Easter right around the corner, I thought it was time to tackle this little project. Matching ties for Abel and Micah! Abel helped me pick out the fabric, and we settled on one of his current obsessions: Star Wars.

Now, I don’t have a printer at home. Which makes printing out a pattern a little tricky, understandably.

But thankfully for me, I tend to sew like I cook. I’m a free spirit! No rules!

Unfortunately for me, my sewing and cooking skills can’t even be found on the same planet. Hahaha! So, sewing without a pattern causes a lot more hassle than cooking without a recipe. Oh well. I like to learn by doing!

I cut and trimmed and adjusted one tie until I liked the way it looked, then used that as my template for the second tie.

The results:


My goofy boy modeling the tie:


And modeling the second one: CIMG3836

Another successful project! Pictures to come with boys in their matching ties.. younger model currently asleep 🙂


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