Feeling Pinterest-y: Cloth Diaper Storage

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February 22, 2013 by malaikakerr


When I knew I needed more storage space for my growing cloth diaper collection, I turned to Pinterest for inspiration. We’ve purchased a few new diapers here and there, knowing that when we have two in diapers for the first time we’ll need a few more in the stash.  Reed and I have also decided that we wanted Titus in cloth from the start (so far, my babies haven’t been big enough for the one-sizes from birth), so I also have a whole set of newborn fluff for the little man that will need to be easily accessible from the changing table.

Currently Abel and Micah share one dresser for their clothes, and one drawer in that dresser held Micah’s diapers. But since the new additions, the drawer really wasn’t a good fit anymore.

Pinterest to the rescue!

Most ideas i found were of folks that just stored the diapers in plastic milk crates, craft bins, or extra dressers. I am already panicking about trying to find space for another dresser in the boys’ room for Titus’ clothes, so I definitely didn’t want my diaper storage taking up floor space.

Then, I saw this picture:


Yes! Exactly what I needed!

I ordered the media baskets from Target after finding them on clearance (yay!) and Reed hung them for me. I’m not allowed to hang anything in our house, particularly things in a series that need to be straight or even. Reed, I am thankful that your OCD love of being specific balances out my carelessness! 🙂


This system holds more than half of my one size stash, when they’re all squished in. Each basket can hold about 10 regular diapers, or about 6 or 7 nighttime diapers (the last basket is filled with double-stuffed dipes for nighttime). This works great, because at any given time about half my stash is dirty, in the wash, or waiting to be stuffed. The overflow, particularly for the few months while Titus requires the newborn set, will find a home back in the dresser.CIMG3755

Ahhh, fluff. I should wash all my diapers and get a stash shot. Makes me happy inside. Though I’m sure only another cloth mama could understand! Well, and Reed… he has also found the diaper love.  In fact, he is the one who knows how to strip them and remedy any stink or repelling issues I could throw at him. My hero ❤

I thought I’d also take the opportunity to share a shot of the picture that hangs between the diapers in the boys’ camping room.


This is a blown up shot of a sketch my step dad did while he was in the hospital receiving his bone marrow transplant when I was in 6th grade. That’s his truck and trailer he drew, on a family camping trip.  He and my mom sent my brother and I a lot of postcards while we were apart for a few months during his treatment in South Carolina. My mom and her hubby, Tony, blew this up and framed it for Abel’s birthday last year.  One of my favorite things in the house, for sure!


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