Reason Number 3,678 I Love Being A Mama


February 16, 2013 by malaikakerr

I was grabbing a quick shower that morning, like most mornings. Cherishing the few minutes I had to myself, wondering how the day ahead would unfold. Micah hadn’t been feeling well and was taking a long nap. Abel was amusing himself, like he does most shower times. So I was in my own little world of Mama-thoughts, for a moment.

Suddenly my shower curtain was thrust back, snapping me back into reality. A little fist, clenched around a small Sesame Street toy, made it’s way into my shower.  The fist’s owner looked up at me with adoration in his eyes, a look that toddlers reserve only for their mamas. It warms my heart then, how he thinks I’m beautiful, all 6 pregnant months of me. I try to remember to thank his Daddy for that.

“Mama! Here’s this silly little Sesame Street guy for you show-ler!”



He goes back to the living room, his mission to take care of me:accomplished. I go back to my Mama-thoughts, and thank God for my children.


One thought on “Reason Number 3,678 I Love Being A Mama

  1. Meghann Rivera-Weltz says:

    that was cute. Boys are so adorable like that.

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