Adventure Micah

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February 11, 2013 by malaikakerr

The following pictures are of a wild little guy, caught in his natural habitat. Pictures like these are rare, because usually he becomes so fascinated when he sees the camera, the wild little guy stops what he’s doing to grab my camera.

Let me introduce you to something Reed and I call Adventure Micah:


(Look at my awesome husband coming to the rescue to stir dinner while I snap pictures of the kiddo. Love him!)

When Micah is engaged with a toy but wants to go on another adventure, he just pops whatever he’s playing with into his mouth so that he can crawl but still bring his toy along.

Adventure Micah!


Ready for any adventure that comes his way!

I tried to sneak the camera while stuffing diapers, but barely missed catching him with this next shot. The baby wipe went from his mouth while he crawled, up to his head while he sat. You’ll just have to trust me 🙂


Though Micah is a little tiny guy still, not quite one yet, I often wonder where his adventures of the future will take him. What does God have for his life? For Abel’s life? And Titus’? These precious little boys of mine who have stolen my heart, sit in my lap, love to be kissed and held, adore being read to and sang with, who need their daddy and mama to care for every need… where will the Lord take them?

I pray over all three of them that God would use them mightily. That they will become Godly men who lead their families, serve their churches, and serve the Lord wherever He calls them.  But I would be lying if I didn’t admit that this mama’s heart wants her babies to be safe as they grow into men. I struggle to lay down my desire for them to primarily be safe and to take the easy road, and ask God to change my heart if safety is not what He has for them.

I recently read this little story about a conversation between a daddy and a son, which took place as the boy was getting ready for bed:

“Dad, don’t turn off the light!” he said before going to bed. “No, Daddy, could you stay here with me? Daddy, I’m afraid.”

He goes, “Daddy, Daddy, would you pray for me that I would be safe?” I could feel it. I could feel warm-blanket Christianity beginning to wrap around him, a life of safety, safety, safety.

I said, “Son, I will not pray for you to be safe. I will pray that God will make you dangerous.”

And he goes, “All right. But pray I would be really, really dangerous, Daddy.”

Oh Lord, fill my boys with a spirit of adventure, be with them wherever they go, and Lord, make them dangerous!


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