Feeling Pinterest-y: Spray Painted Frames

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January 28, 2013 by malaikakerr

The morning sickness has mostly passed, my babysitting job is over, we’re into a routine now that Reed’s down to two jobs again, and the holidays are over.


I didn’t even realize that I’d stopped doing crafty things until I wanted a project to work on, and had none. After searching Pinterest, I had all the inspiration I needed. Probably more than I’ll ever need!

My first little  “ease back into crafting” project was an empty space on the chocolate brown accent wall in my living room. It needed a little love.  Brown ottoman, brown love seat, brown wall, brown side table, mostly brown picture.  That space needed some color!


So I found a few super cheap frames at Goodwill, and spray painted them my trusty, favorite green: Krylon’s Ivy Leaf.

If I was a spray paint, I would totally be Ivy Leaf. But I’d like to rename it… Fresh Green, maybe? Happy Lime? Awesome in a Can? Color of Every Accessory in my House?




So there you have it! I was feeling Pinterest-y, and actually accomplished a project instead of pinning them endlessly. Craft number two to be completed this weekend!


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