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January 25, 2013 by malaikakerr


Micah is allergic to dairy.

He cannot have cow’s, goat’s, or sheep’s milk. He cannot have cheese, yogurt, butter, ice cream, pudding, Alfredo sauce, pizza, or lasagna.

But, people.

He can have eggs. Eggs are not made of milk.

Several people, when I told them that Micah is allergic to milk, have said something to the effect of:

“Aww man! Eggs are in everything.”

When we went to the bakery at our local community market, I asked the employee if they had anything dairy free left.  She said, “I don’t think so.. most of these pastries have eggs in them.”


Yes, eggs are usually found in the dairy section of the grocery store, next to the milk and cream.  But this does not mean they are made of milk. In fact, the eggs we buy from the grocery store are from chickens, which don’t even lactate.

When I did a little Google image search for the picture at the top of this post, I searched for the phrase “no dairy.”

This was one of the first few pictures:




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