Our 6th Anniversary

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January 13, 2013 by malaikakerr

20 reasons why I appreciate you, and am thankful to be your wife:

1. You are intentionally attentive to my emotional state, my spiritual state, and how I’m doing physically (particularly when I’m pregnant).

2. You lead us well.

3. You read to our boys, often. And you read to me.

4. When I’ve had a long day, you don’t hesitate to take over for me the moment you walk in the door from work.

5. You call me on your break. Each and every day for 6 years.

6. You would rather spend time with your family than do anything else. I know, because I see how you spend your time, and you make us a priority.

7. You think that sports and video games are stupid. This isn’t necessary for you to be wonderful, but is sure is a nice little bonus. 🙂

8. When I ask for a pet, you tell me you’d rather have another baby. And mean it. But a hedgehog would be really awesome….

9. When I come to you with mama guilt (I’m not good enough, I don’t accomplish enough), you sincerely tell me how thankful you are for me, and how much you appreciate what I get done.  Thank you for making me feel like I’m enough.

10. You let me spend (reasonable amounts of) your money on things you think are dumb, but make me happy 🙂

11. You talk to our babies before they’re born.

12. Once they’re born, you’re not afraid to help with anything that needs to be done. I didn’t change a diaper for at least a week with either of our boys, which was awesome since I’ve had two c-sections. When I was crazy sick and loopy from medicine after Abel’s birth, you nestled our tiny boy in a Moby Wrap by yourself so that he would get use to to it even though I couldn’t wear him yet.

13. You genuinely compliment my cooking each time I feed you, and encourage Abel to do the same.

14. When an opportunity arose to potentially pursue an adoption, with no hesitation you offered our family to the child in need. While in time it was revealed that this particular little one was not meant to become ours, your selfless act of love forged an even deeper love and fierce devotion for you in my heart.

15. You make craving runs to the grocery store for me, with only a little fussing.

16. You know more about washing cloth diapers than I do.

17. You take care of the boys’ bedtime routine every night. Every night!

18.  You lead our family in worship most nights.

19. You protect my heart.

20. You strive to glorify God in everything you do.

Love you, Reed! Happy Anniversary!!


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