All About the Boys- 12/16

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December 17, 2012 by malaikakerr

CIMG3256  Both Abel’s and Micah’s month birthdays are on the 16th. So my plan is to give a little monthly update on the boys each month around the 16th when their age rolls over another month.


Micah- Now 10 Months! In month 9, Micah…

….has been crawling around more. He follows Abel around, and doesn’t like being in a room alone. Micah is most content playing in Abel’s room, where big brother is quick to bring him new toys. He is pulling up more; I think he’s realized that pulling up will give him access to more stuff! Micah now has 6 teeth, and I’m hoping that brings us a teething break for a while. We practice baby-led weaning which means that he pretty much just eats what we eat.  I think his favorite foods right now are bananas, pasta with marinara, chicken, and whole wheat bagels from Jerry’s Bagels.  He also devoured the balsamic glazed salmon we had the other night, so I need to make that again soon! I’m thankful to have such an excellent eater. (Abel has also been an excellent eater since turning 2, but before that all he ate were bananas and yogurt!)

At Micah’s 9 month check up, his doctor confirmed what Reed and I already knew: he’s allergic to dairy. It’s already proving to be a bit difficult to accommodate him, but I’m sure that soon enough I’ll adjust. I have been loving my Babycook, which allows me to make separate meals for him quite easily if I need to.   I’m thankful to have gotten such a wonderful tool, new in the box, for a steep discount off of Craigslist.


Abel: Now 35 months! In month 34, Abel….

…has been learning and learning! I set up a little table and chairs for him in the living room, where he has constant access to his “school” books. Often, Abel stops playing to tell me he’s going to practice his letters. I am very thankful for his hunger to learn, and I pray I can continue to feed it! I recently caught him correcting the pencil hold of the little boy I babysit, which made me giggle. Abel thought Chase was joking when he grabbed the pencil at the top and tried tracing a letter! Abel is very much a rule lover/follower and only sees things in black and white.  I am trying already to break the foothold that legalism has taken in his little heart, though I know that only the Lord can give him a love of grace.

Abel loves playing outside in our sunroom, where we have ride on toys, a slide, and a bean table (instead of sand).  He love “painting” on our large chalkboard wall with water- another way I sneak in letter practice.  One of the phrases he repeats a lot is “Mama, put Micah in his exersaucer!” because little brother loves putting every one of Abel’s toys in his mouth.  I am very thankful that Abel is so loving and patient towards his Micah, stopping often to kiss him or to retrieve a thrown snack or toy. Abel is completely aware that I am pregnant, kissing New Baby often, and talking about all the things he will teach New Baby.

I can’t believe that for the next monthly update on the boys, it will be Abel’s third birthday!


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