Fresh Start


December 3, 2012 by malaikakerr

Let’s try this again.

So I’ve moved to WordPress. I’ve heard good things and even though Reed is a lover of all things Google, I wanted to give it a shot. Sorry, Reed.

I gave a lot of thought to naming the blog this time around, but stuck with the name from Blogger. Though I wanted a fresh start, I still feel that “Willing Hands for His Glory” captures where I’d like to be in life. Willingly serving Him, specifically with my life and the work of my hands. And since this blog is intended to capture bits of my life, the name stayed. However, I did struggle with this some. About 5 years ago when I named my first blog, my hands were very eager, very willing. I as a new wife, hoping to become a mom, and I was pumped up! Now that I’ve got a few more years and couple of kids under my belt, I was temped to name this blog “Only Willing by His Grace.”  My sinful nature is such a disgusting thing that I constantly wrestle with.  I hope that anyone who knows me and watches our life play out knows that we only are capable of what God equips us to do, by His grace and for His own glory.

The primary purpose of this blog is to keep my distant family and friends involved and informed. What you read on this blog will in no way be a complete picture of our lives, so please don’t be misled. We have plenty of too busy, too crazy, too much laundry, and snuggle on the couch all day kind of days! But my blog will probably capture things of note that I want to share, not just commentary on our typical day. I may take advantage of this little space to share my opinion on things here and there. I’m not trying to win an argument, and you certainly don’t have to agree with everything I express. I’m sure that as I mature, I won’t agree with everything I’ve written!

Please leave me a comment here and there. I can watch the statistics, so if this is anything like my old blog, I know I have 100+ regular readers. But I’d love to know who you are! Don’t be afraid to give me some feedback.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward sharing bits of our lives with you!


One thought on “Fresh Start

  1. Beth Haynie says:

    Lovin you guys still as much as ever, even all the way from Washington!

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